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  Dear Internet and MLM Friend,

     Let me walk you through the MLM land mines!

     Regardless of your situation--new to MLM--used to be in MLM--currently in a MLM, my new MLM Mastery Course can help you figure out what to do first--what pitfalls to avoid--what you're doing wrong & how to correct it--and how to make money in any company you join.

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      You can read, listen to and study my system of making money in any MLM program through my NEW, complete MLM Mastery Course. This one-of-a-kind study course contains FIVE parts:


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      You can't get rich at your job--nor can you expect to retire on 100% of your salary. So, what's going to happen to you when you reach age 65? Get a job as a greeter at Walmart? I sure hope not!

      You see, most people are really good at what they do--their job. But, most people aren't good at making money in MLM. In fact, studies have shown that over 80% of those who are in MLM NEVER make a commission check!

That's why you need my brand-new "MLM Mastery Course"!

      Even if you've got 12 years of college, specialized training, and a hundred different diplomas and certificates up the wazoo-- you probably don't know all the insider secrets to making money in MLM--but I do!

      You're about to discover a proven, sure-fire way to make money in any MLM program you choose to join--guaranteed!

      Chances are, you'll begin to make money with every ad you place, every web site you develop and every letter or flyer you mail once you learn what I will teach you.

      Even if you're already in a MLM, and doing pretty good, now you can double, triple, or even quadruple the results you're getting with my proven system. And it's easy once you know the...

Step-By-Step System For Making A Monthly
Residual Check From Any MLM Program!

      That's what this letter is about... Showing you where to turn to find simple, yet detailed information guaranteed to help you make money in any MLM program! And that's where I come in... My name is Robert Blackman.

(Robert Speaking at Eric Worre's Cold Market Mastermind Event in Las Vegas!)

      I do Network Marketing for a living. I have also consulted with five MLM presidents doing millions of dollars a year in business, and I have also helped over 15,000 independent distributors through my books, CD's and consulting services!

     My fee for consulting on-site is normally $25,000. My fee for consulting on the phone is $500 an hour. I've got clients willing to pay this fee because the advice I give is literally worth ten times that amount to them--or more!

      Now, I'm not asking you to line-up and hire me. Instead, I want you to "own" my knowledge. You need it to build your MLM business. That's why...

     I recently released a new home study course that makes making money in MLM a breeze...even for someone who's never been in a MLM before--or even for someone who's been in a MLM before and failed!

      And, you can get this comprehensive course for a fraction of what you'd have to pay me to meet with you and consult with you "one-on-one". It's called:

MLM Mastery Course: The Complete Guide
To Making Money In Any MLM Program!

      If you want your experience in MLM to stop being a waste of your money, you must get this course.

Let me share a quick story with you, to illustrate the importance of getting your hands on this inside information so you can boost your earnings in your particular MLM program:

      John stared out the window as the mail truck pulled up outside his home.

      He ended an unimportant phone call just so he could be in time to meet the mailman at the mailbox. See, he had been in a MLM program for 3 months now. And, he had been told by various friends and family members across the country that they went ahead and "joined".

      For the last 30 days, John had been anxiously waiting for his first-ever commission check!

      The mailman handed John his mail, gave him a smile and drove off. As John walked back toward his house, his wife, Mary caught a glimpse of her husband out of the corner of her eye.

He was upset...again!

      "I tried to tell him" Mary thought to herself...

     "I just knew this MLM thing would be a huge waste of our money. Now, with the money he just spent on this stupid business, we can't even go on our vacation this year!"

      John filtered through the junk mail; tossed aside his newsletter subscriptions and pulled out a letter from the company--it was their monthly newsletter.

     John eagerly opened the envelope as Mary watched him. John tried to hide his disappointment as he realized that there wasn't a commission check this month--just another newsletter describing how successful others across the country were.

      Mary stormed out of the room, biting her tongue.

      John was devastated. He had just spent the last 3 months, along with all their savings, on his MLM program. To make matters even worse, he had talked to over 50 of his family members, friends and co-workers. He had even gone out on a limb, and purposely bumped into a sharp looking guy at the movie theater the other night, struck up a conversation with this stranger and exchanged business cards!

      What John couldn't figure out was that out of the 50 of his closest friends NOBODY joined his program. Furthermore, he was now MAD at his parents and his brother and sister. Why? Because they promised John 2 months ago that they would join--and they haven't.

      Worse even yet, his family and friends are not only avoiding John at church and work, but they aren't returning his phone calls.

     He's been on every conference call and webinar that the company has put on. He even drove three hours for a Super Saturday training that had him so excited the he couldn't go to sleep!

     He's even been tryhing Facebook, Twitter, LinkendIn with no luck. At the advice of his upline he is spending $50 a month on a lead capture page that has generated him three leads but none of them have joined.

     He has to sign someone up before the next credit card statement comes in or his wife is going to "kill him" for not telling her about this extra expense!

John's MLM career is at a turning point.

      He's alienated his entire sphere of influence (family, friends, co-workers) and he's failed in front of his wife (a position no man in his right mind wants to be in).

      John is embarrassed, frustrated, and depressed. He is about to give up on all his hopes and dreams of getting ahead. He feels that his sponsor lied to him and thinks that the MLM industry is a big rip-off! And that the only people who make money in MLM are the company presidents and the people who get in on the ground floor!

      John and Mary have spent all their extra income and now, their only option seems to be to "quit" their MLM program.

Does this woeful scenario sound familiar?

      It should. It happens to about 90% of everyone who joins a MLM. It probably has even happened to YOU--maybe it's happened to you more than once!

      The fact is, it doesn't have to happen to you--at all--or ever again--if you just follow my simple, step-by-step guidelines in my brand new MLM Mastery Course.

      My MLM Mastery Course will teach you how to master the "art and science" of making money from day one in your new MLM business.

      Owning the MLM Mastery home study course is like having your own in-house MLM consultant on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because once you apply the step-by-step formulas laid-out in my new course, you'll never experience again, what John and Mary did--MLM failure.

      My money-making techniques work--and my track record of working with five different MLM presidents and thousands of distributors speaks for itself. And best of all, the step-by-step system you'll learn in my course is the exact same system that I still use today!

      If you've ever wanted to learn how to make a monthly, walk-away, residual income in MLM my Mastery Course is the place to start!

MLM Mastery Home Study Course Is A Complete System
For Making Money In Any MLM Today. And It's So Simple,
Anyone Can Do It...Guaranteed!

      In fact...I've got proof that anyone can do it! Take a look at what some of my customers have to say about my MLM Mastery Course and what it's done for them.

      They're all happy customers of mine because my books and CD's deliver on every promise I make and more. These are all average people just like you--real people whose lives have been changed and enhanced by my MLM Mastery Course:

MLM Mastery Course


"Just One Piece Of Advice From
Robert Grew My Downline By 6,519!"

If it wasn't for that day that I was driving around listening to Robert Blackman's training myteam would be roughly 6,519 smaller. Just one strategy I learned from him allowed me to personally reduce my marketing cost to zero and more than triple the rate of duplication in my organization.

He speaks, teaches, trains, and shares only the truth from his 20+ years of experience and I make it habit to know everything he does. Not only have I purchased everything that Robert has ever produced, paid him his time, hired him to create direct mail pieces for me, but every single dollar I've ever spent has always come baack to me at least 20 fold. Daegan Smith.



“Robert Blackman is one of the few people who deliver value for money you spend. He writes good ad copy but has the goods to deliver behind the scenes."


Rod Cook B.S.C., M.A., M.B.A.
www.MLM Consultant.com

“If you're serious about making money in this tough business follow Robert's advice. He knows what he is talking about and can show you the way."

Alex Mandossian
San Francisco, CA


"Robert Blackman is the Jonas Salk of Network Marketing! His materials are crisp, original and chocked full of money-right-now-turn-key information. Moreover, Robert is cutting a new path for networkers with the razors edge of mail order & Internet mania. If you're not a student of Robert's books or tapes consider yourself roughly $10,000 in the hole!

Only because without Robert's insights, that's what most networkers usually toss away in a few years time due to mis- marketing. Don't be a marketing mouse. Instead, become the wizard of odds by following Robert Blackman's organization architecture point-by-point. It's Doctors orders!"


Joe Schroeder
Rockaway, NJ

"Robert Blackman is one of the great marketing minds in the Network Marketing business.

I have read his books, listened to his Audio and have seen his videos and there is no doubt EVERYONE SERIOUS ABOUT BECOMING SUCCESSFUL IN THIS BUSINESS can benefit from them as I have"

Corey Augenstein
Miami, FL


"Robert Blackman has a heart for the people in our industry.  He has paid his dues, and gone through the hard knocks of our business. 

I know that he can help any serious network marketers path to success much easier and quicker.

His insight and knowledge into the emotional and psychological aspects of the business will help you make a lot more money. "


Dale Calvert

"Any good teacher will tell you that to succeed, you must master the fundamentals. Robert Blackman is a master at teaching the fundamentals."

Len Clements,
Las Vegas, NV


"When it comes to MLM and Network Marketing, it seems to me that everything Robert Blackman touches turns to gold.  This guy absolutely knows his stuff.  And if you've got a chance to work with him, you must do it if you're serious about success in this tough business.  Jump on his bandwagon, no matter what it is... and do it right now before he realizes he should be charging TRIPLE what he does."


Brian Keith Voiles
Master Copywriter

"After being able to get Robert's advice for an hour, it became obvious just how good a deal this is!

I would have paid $250.00 just to pick his brain! As a full-time Networker, I am always looking to help my group build faster and stronger.

Robert identified several areas that will help me save time and money, while attracting a better quality prospect. To learn from someone who has really paid his dues in MLM in invaluable!"


Frank Garon
Top MLM Distributor

"Robert,  Profit Leads is awesome This is the type of mentoring program we have been waiting for. Robert, I like the fact that you are still in the game. You are a great trainer and a top producer. Not like the other so called mlm trainers.They say they love the MLM Industry but they do not play the game. I feel confident using your system to train my team!"


Carlos Aponte Jr.
Plantation, FL
Full-Time Successful Networker


“Your testimony of how you went from rags to riches has more than once been an inspiration for me. You also offer practical help and encouragement for those involved in our industry.

I've read your “Results of a Thousand Phone Calls” and your "MLM Big Money" book. Both are very good books, but I really, really enjoyed the book: "Results of a Thousand Phone Calls!"

Thank you Robert, for all that you do to help people succeed in our Awesome MLM industry!

Your life has impacted my life and I bet you didn't even know it!

Delina Villa,
Portland, OR

      I've got dozens and dozens of more letters and telephone calls from hundreds of customers across America...and they've all got one thing in common--they're all people like you.

Yes, They're all people who want to improve
their lives by making money in a MLM program.

      And with my proven system, you can improve your life by using my techniques that'll bring in more leads, customers and downline members--and the cash like crazy--just as these customers have done!

Now Please Understand:

This is NOT information you'll find in all the other books that are out there in the "main stream". And you definitely won't even find this information in the curriculum of the top universities across the country!

      You'll be learning my deepest secrets about how to make money in any MLM program you choose. I've used these same techniques myself to make money over the last 32 years--my MLM Mastery Home Study Course works!

Part One - MLM Big Money:

Here's what you'll discover and learn from my 200+ page book :

Chapter 1 – You Don't Have to Change to Be Successful in This Industry

Chapter 2 – How You Can Realistically Get Rich in Any MLM

Chapter 3 – The How-To Doesn't Matter Until You Know Your Reason's Why

Chapter 4 – The Psychology of MLM.

Chapter 5 – Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing

Chapter 6 – The Top 100 Direct Sales Companies

Chapter 7 – Your Four Core Beliefs

Chapter 8 – Stop Selling & Start Solving!

Chapter 9 – Doing the MLM Math. Understanding Your R.O.I. in any MLM Program

Chapter 10 – The Three Categories of Prospects You'll Ever Talk To

Chapter 11 – Sample Letter, Email and Phone Script –Mastering Your Warm Market

Chapter 12 – There's Only Three Ways to Build Your Downline

Chapter 13 – Results of 1,000 Phone Calls – Mastering the Cold Market

Chapter 14 – The 10 Most Common MLM Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Chapter 15 – Backstage Training From $100,000 a Month Earners

Chapter 16 – Retail to Recruit Program – Getting Customers

Chapter 17 – What Does it Take to Become a MLM Millionaire?

      This is just the beginning of all you get from my MLM Mastery Course!

My MLM Mastery Home Study Course Is Like Nothing You've Ever
Seen Before On Making Money In Any MLM Program You Choose!

Part Two - 33 Audio Trainings:

      You also get 33 audio recordings highlighting the most important points of the course and how you can get the most out it--starting today!

 Audio 1: Google Secrets to Free Listings

Audio 2: The Three Ways to Build Your Downline

Audio 3: How to Build Your Downline Using Postcards (Interviewed by Dale Calvert)

Audio 4: How to Get Your Emails Delivered

Audio 5: The 22 Misconceptions About Network Marketing

Audio 6: Your Life Equals What You Believe

Audio 7: Doing the MLM Math

Audio 8: The 10 Most Common Marketing Mistakes (Part I)

Audio 9: The 10 Most Common Marketing Mistakes (Part II)

Audio 10: Discover How to Make Money Giving Away Free Samples

Audio 11: How to Close 25% of the Prospects You Talk To

Audio 12: How to Build a Downline and Keep It (Part I)

Audio 13: How to Build a Downline and Keep It (Part II)

Audio 14: How to Make a Million Dollars in MLM (Part I)

Audio 15: How to Make a Million Dollars in MLM (Part II)

Audio 16: How One Full Page Ad Changed My Life Forever!

Audio 17: Lead Affiliate Training

Audio 18: Direct Mail Teleseminar Training

Audio 19: Internet Workshop Training

Audio 20: How I Went From Bankruptcy to $100k (Part I)

Audio 21: How I Went From Bankruptcy to $100k (Part II)

Audio 22: How to 100% Guarantee Your Success in MLM (Part I)

Audio 23: How to 100% Guarantee Your Success in MLM (Part II)

Audio 24: Managing Multiple Income Streams

Audio 25: How to Select the Right Company, Product & Sponsor

Audio 26: Using Direct Mail to Promote Your MLM Program

Audio 27: How to Use the Telephone to Build Your MLM Program

Audio 28: How I Built a Downline of 2,000 People in Only 9 Months (Part I)

Audio 29: How I Built a Downline of 2,000 People in Only 9 Months (Part II)

Audio 30: How to Guarantee Your Ad Results (Part I)

Audio 31: How to Guarantee Your Ad Results (Part II)

Audio 32: The 10 Most Common MLM Mistakes & How to Avoid Them (Part I)

Audio 33: The 10 Most Common MLM Mistakes & How to Avoid Them (Part II)

While you listen to each recording TAKE NOTES!

Then, during your 30-minute consultation with me we will solve y
our most pressing problems right then and there!

Part Three - 58 Minute Video:

Receive Two Training Videos Rolled Up Into One Powerful Video Training Session

Video Training #1:

"How to Never Fail in MLM Again"

     On this video you'll learn my secrets on how to generate leads and convert them into customers or downline members. (35 minutes)

Video Training #2:

"My Mastermind Marketing Funnel"

     Have you ever thought of quitting the MLM business altogether? In this segment I tell you how I stayed in when it wasn't working. What motivated me, what I was thinking and how I broke free from running a printing press for $10 an hour to making over $10,000 in my own business! (40 minutes)

     Both videos were from a live training seminar I did right outside New York city. They include my best "stuff" about how to make $10,000 or more in MLM!

      My approach to making money in MLM is completely different than anything you've ever seen, read, or heard before--and what's more, I am absolutely convinced that anybody can do what I do, once they understand it!

      My MLM Mastery Course is your complete encyclopedia tour guide to making money in any MLM using any type of method you choose.

      It's all laid out for you in precise, step-by-step detail.

      Here's what you get with your own MLM Mastery Course:

  • A copy of my ebook on Amazon.com, "MLM Big Money "—200+ pages and 18 chapters of power-packed information that reveals my proven step-by-step system for picking and choosing an MLM company. How to generate hot leads, customers and downline members...including samples of money-making letters and ads that I've personally used to rake in customers and distributors like crazy! (Available in eBook or paperback form).
  • A 58-minute training video with two different live sessions. You're going to love this video training. You'll find yourself watching it over and over again!
  • You get my easy-to-follow Secret System that makes making money in MLM not only profitable, but fun! It's all here... (I've done what nobody else in the country has done-- furnish you with first hand evidence of how I make money--and how, by following my advice, you can start making money in the next 24-hours)!
  • 33 audio trainings highlighting the most important points of the course and how you can get the most out of it--starting today. It's like having me in the car, right next to you teaching and training you everything I know about making money in MLM. These are the most powerful audio trainings on MLM ever sold. These 33 trainings come in digital form with your own private password protected back office.
  • You get a live seminar training that I do each month for just one of my downlines (this particular downline is over 3,000 members after three months--all done through the mail)! This tape is called " Are You Fishing For Whales, or Are You Fishing For Minnows ".
  • Listening to this live training tape will be like SNEAKING in on one of my seminars--for free! It will give you an idea of what kind of training you can start doing every month for your group. And believe me, I contribute the success of my growing downline to this monthly training that I do. Instead of just telling you this fact, I'm going to give you a "live" example of how to do it-- absolutely free of charge!

          And, if you are one of the first 25 who order my MLM Mastery Course, I will give you this HUGE FREE BONUS worth more than double the value of the entire course!

      And, if you order my MLM Mastery Course within the next 10 days, I will give you this HUGE FREE BONUS worth more than double the value of the entire course:

Part Four:
30 Minute Phone Consultation!

You Get a 30 Minute Consultation On The Phone--
Direct With Me Absolutely FREE! (Valued at $250!)

      That means anytime in the next 30 days, you'll be able to pick up the phone and ask me specific questions about your MLM and I'll give you the answers!

      I usually charge $250 for each 30-minute consultation...but you get ONE 60-MINUTE CONSULTATION FREE--if you're one of the few who will order within the next 10 days!

(Understand, I only want to work with people who are serious about making truckloads of money in MLM using my course...if you're serious, order before the deadline to insure you get the help you need.)

      But, that's not where the BONUSES stop! I want to make sure that you get the most out of this home based money-making course!

      Be one of the first 100 who order and I will give you a FREE Affiliate website to my brand-new, MLM Mastery Course and pay you a 50% commission on each referral you send my way!

      Now, not only do you get to learn everything I know about making money in any MLM and profit from it by using it in your own MLM program, but you can also make a commission every time you recommend my MLM Mastery Course to a family member, friend, co-worker, prospect or downline member!

Use The 'Ole "One-Two Punch" To Profit With Your
FREE Affiliate Website To My "MLM Mastery Course"!

      What's the 'ole one-two punch? Simple. Turn every no you get about your MLM program into a yes, by offering them my MLM Mastery Course. When they call me and order my course, I'll send you a check for $100.00 of each order!

      The fact is, even if you're a great closer on the phone, or in person, you're going to get more people who say no, instead of yes. It's just a fact of life. But, instead of walking away, or hanging up the phone, discouraged, tell all your prospects about my MLM Mastery Course!

      Now, you're making money when somebody tells you NO! That's awesome!

As a money-making Affiliate for my MLM Mastery Course you get:

  • .Lifetime Affiliate rights to my 4-part Home Study Course
  • A whopping $50 in commission on every person you refer who orders!
  • Your very own FREE personalized Website! All you have to do to make money with me now is start promoting your MLM Mastery Course Website--making money has never been easier!

      Here's another crazy, untraditional way of making money--sell the MLM Mastery Course to everyone in your downline!

      Imagine how much bigger your check would be every month if everyone in your downline had a copy of my MLM Mastery Course in their hands!

It would be like having a downline full of Robert Blackman's!

      Not only would you make a $50 commission on the sale of my course, but you would also make more money from your downline each month because they have now learned how to make more money in your MLM program! Wow! You can now make money TWICE, from your existing downline! Are you smart, or what?

      There isn't another way I know of in the world today where you can make money two times from your downline--all the while, really, truly helping them succeed in MLM at the same time!

      Being a money-making Affiliate for me is the simplest, and most common sense approach to making money in MLM every invented!

      Think about it:

      The worst that can happen is you'll come out $250.00 ahead with the 30-minute phone consultation being worth $250.00 and the Affiliate program, where you can make 50% on every sale. And there's simply no way you can lose if you're serious about learning the truth behind those $10,000+ a month commission checks!

Here's how to get going:

You get my complete secret system for making money in any MLM program. You get the 227 page, 18-chapter ebook, the 33 audio mp3 trainings, a 58-minute training video and the FREE bonus live training tape. Plus, a 30-minute phone consultation for FREE! And, don't forget the FREE Affiliate Website! You get all this for the low, low investment of $1 to cover the processing fee today that gives you 7 days access to the MLM Mastery Course! On day 8 you'll be charged the normal price of $97 unless you call or email to cancel.

      If you're new to the MLM industry, my MLM Mastery Course will be like getting a MLM Degree for only a fraction of what it would cost you to learn my techniques on your own.

      If you used to be in MLM, my MLM Mastery Course will update you on what's changed in MLM over the last few years, and it will give you a jump-start to your new venture.

      If you're already in a MLM, my MLM Mastery Course will show you all you need to know about getting new downline members, and making sure those you've already recruited start making money, too--so they'll stay happy, active members of your organization.

  • What's more, you'll gain a brand new skill--the skill of running and operating a successful and profitable home-based MLM business.
  • A skill, once used, you can use to multiply yourself 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 times with a huge active downline!

      Sure, you can go ahead and try the same old techniques you've heard of or used before out to the marketplace again. And you can hope and pray that your next promotion will actually make money this time.

But, why put yourself through it all?

      Why not invest in your ability to take control of your profits, increase your lifestyle, and make more money by getting my MLM Mastery Course in your hands today?

      With it, you'll discover the real secrets of creating ads and presentations that turns your prospects into downline members like magic! Think about this:

      The money you invest today in my MLM Home Study Course in reality, is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you're going to lose over your lifetime without this MLM know-how. Looking at it that way...

You Really Can't Afford NOT To Invest In This Course!

      Don't you think you owe it to yourself to move on this incredible opportunity? Take action now, while it's fresh on your mind. My MLM Mastery Course will give you the powerful cash-generating skills you need to rocket your sales and profits through the roof--forever!

 Don't put this off...you're worth it!

      A huge, growing commission check is just around the corner! Soon you can discover the secrets to recruiting excited and serious people, just like you, into your downline--and make a profit at the same time! Order now.

Robert Blackman
Robert Blackman



Remember, this is a marketing test for your 7 days access for only $1. On day eight you will be charged the normal price of just $97.

On the order form if you choose to SKIP the 7-day trial and just order the MLM Mastery Course at the normal price of $97, I'll throw in 100 FREE Telephone Interviewed Leads from our website at www.ProfitLeads.com (a $199.95 value)




You may be wondering why in the world I'm willing to give you this information before you pay for it. Well, as I mentioned before--my reasoning is really quite simple:


Just like you, I've paid for courses upfront before to only be disappointed with their content and then had to hassle with getting my money back--I don't want to put you through all that.

Instead, if this course isn't for you, simply email me at profitleads@msn.com, no questions asked before your 7-day trial ends and you won't be billed the $97…it's that simple!



Bonus #1: Seven Hours MLM Bootcamp Training
(a $97 value)

Robert Blackman

Bonus #2: Postcard Recruiting Secrets
(a $97 value)

Robert Blackman


Bonus #3: A 63-Minute Video:
"How to Use Direct Mail in Our Digital World!"
(a $47 value)

Robert Blackman

Bonus #4: A 58-Minute Video:
"How to Never Fail in MLM Again!"
(a $97 value)

Robert Blackman

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